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Takai Seika
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre

♥ My Pixiv |♥ My Twitter | ♥ My Tumblr
-Cick in any above and be happy!

Hello! Call me Takai-chan!!

I love Anime, manga and fanart... and Oc's too!
Take a look in my gallery, feel free to stay and WELCOME!


Thanks for all favs, comments, llamas... It means really a lot for me!!! I love you so muchhhhhhhhh, kyaaaaaaaaaah!

All support is appreciated, as I will support any begginer artist too!
+.+.---- I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU! -----.+.+

Thank chuu!
If you guys want to trhow away 3 years of my drawings and improving, please see this;

You, hater, want to throw away ALL MY GALLERY because of some referenced poses in the most recent ones...? So go ahead. So I only can cry....

I will explain one by one all my phases as a illustrator; :3 ready?

This is all drawings I did not referenced pose nor nothing from any other drawing;

 Ao no Metai by hyuugalannaUNDERTAKER FINAL by hyuugalannaMaster Sword vs Ancient Sword by hyuugalanna I hope you have.... by hyuugalanna  MADOKA MAGICA - Pink and yellow by hyuugalanna Happy valentines Wanda and Mono by hyuugalanna

FMA - Roy Must. and Riza Hawk. by hyuugalannaHatsune Miku by hyuugalannaThe magic potion by hyuugalannaKimono JUMP BOYS by hyuugalannaAika Fanart from Aria series by Kozue Amano by hyuugalannaYou are the last piece by hyuugalanna
This phase I was begining to draw colored stuff, and I realized I love using bright colors not the pastel colors :3

Bishonen crossover wip #1 by hyuugalannaMy first oc by hyuugalannaM-KonanxPein #Art Trade ::gotnojob:: by hyuugalannaKirino Ranmaru and Shindou takuto by hyuugalannaSasuke is going... Forever... by hyuugalanna Chu moa nya ChinaxJapan by hyuugalannaHetalia - What are you doing huh by hyuugalanna         Pokemon #BW2 Protagonist and Rival by hyuugalannaA...Ao Oni - Hiroshi, Takuro and Mika by hyuugalannaNaruto animu fun #1 - Sasuke, Itachi, kabu-child by hyuugalanna lets sing - ding dong #bw2 by hyuugalannaRamen RanRan by hyuugalannaKuroshitsuji - before sleep, tea time by hyuugalanna
This time I was very addicted to drawing  cute style, but sometimes I felt like drawing bishies!
Photo - Sweet kiss by hyuugalannaShi no Shotto (Death Shot) - Page 2 by hyuugalannaShi no Shotto (Death Shot) - page 1 by hyuugalannaDeidara... Deidara. by hyuugalannaNeji no full-power hyuga screw ninden by hyuugalannaHomika Pokemon bw 2 by hyuugalannaThis is my Kekkei genkai. by hyuugalannaSSLC Doujinshi chapter 1- Icy aura #page 1 by hyuugalannaSilly time with Norikan characters remake by hyuugalannaThunder, Thunder, Thundercats... by hyuugalannaKlonoa - phantomile, lunatea's, volleyball #reqart by hyuugalannaSSLC Doujinshi chapter 1- Icy aura #page 2-3 by hyuugalannaWhy... Why... Why... by hyuugalanna
The same. my love between girlies and hot guys were begining to be more expanded....! This times I was very curious about painting styles, and I tried a lot of diferent styles to choose one! Soft painting, Cell shading, I was deciding :3
Inazuma cell keychain set #1 by hyuugalannaTakuto Shindou- the silly raimon captain- log by hyuugalannaNamukerase seraphina... Angel Loli by hyuugalannaOkami tribute- Waka and Amaterasu by hyuugalanna    Eat this oshawott #bw2 by hyuugalannaInazuma go sakka class discipline by hyuugalannapkm Bianca, Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy #bw2 by hyuugalanna  Ikaros - sora no otoshimono by hyuugalanna  Mei, Kyouhei, Hyuu and Bianca #happybw2releaseday by hyuugalanna  INARUTO GO by Pink by hyuugalanna  Kuroko no basket - tetsuya and murasakibara by hyuugalanna 
This part I begin to draw only cute style... and Iīm very proud of the works from this part ^^
I was addictd to bright colors! Then, I met :iconnamie-kun: , and loved her style! I talked to her sometimes but Iīm just too shy to talk like, everyday. She gave me a lot of good tips and my art began improving!
Kurobasu- My OTP LOG by hyuugalanna

ah, of course. I met kurobasu. and It still my favorite anime, even if Iīm addicted by cute girls now haha... I just love kurobasu.

          Kurobasu- My OTP LOG by hyuugalannaAkashi, Akashi, Akashi Akashi Akashi by hyuugalannaChildrens Day! by hyuugalannaCold days... by hyuugalannaGOM  Kawaii basketoboru purayers by hyuugalannaMurasakibara totoro is a very busy boy by hyuugalannaAline and Blaise childhood by hyuugalannaSaphire princess Ruby prince #CM by hyuugalannaThis is my basketball #gift by hyuugalannaFestival of cherry blossom by hyuugalannaAlicia exercise book annotator #MyOC by hyuugalanna

I met kantoku style and :iconl-nekohime: and began doin a lot of sketches looking to his drawings. I began to realize that I could absolutely copy his anatomy by eyes, the poses were perfectly similar... I donīt cared on this time, because was only sketches by pencil yet.
This time  the way I draw were very hard XD I sketched by pencil and scaned to computer, then, I made the lineart on photoshop (not sai yet) and painted in sai or photoshop... I was testing what program I would love more. and I choosed SAI... even it doesnīt have any text tool... but I still love sai more to drawings because of the tools, pen tool, oil tool, etc :3

I read a lot of manga this time, and got my own G-pen to draw by hand... but I never uploaded that drawings by hand, but Iīm thinking to do it. there is more than 100 pages of a comic I made in this time! I only still have to edit them and put screentones xD

FROM NOW ON, the styles I was knowing, I tried many times to do something similar. Was just to training! And there was no pose reference too, just style, painting, etc.

example, I met DULKI on pixiv and tryied something (I credited in the description even that times, as you can see)
Little bus! by hyuugalanna
tried :icondaenarys: style too!

Kisechu by hyuugalanna  #K2G Pinku flying things by hyuugalanna

I still drew some kurobasu fanart, I was very very addited, haha, I love it.
    Matsumoto Kiyo and Kuroko #CM by hyuugalannaCandy rules, log! by hyuugalannaHB Aomine!!! by hyuugalanna
Then,  I drew loooooooots ofs styles, trying to find my own!

I climb roof and high places... by hyuugalannaHappy Halloween Magi by hyuugalannaShizaya!! by hyuugalannaInu x Boku SS by hyuugalanna ...K... #yashiro/kuroh by hyuugalanna
Cell shading or soft Shading? cute Girls or Bishies? That was what I was trying to find... my style.
Tried even cartoon, just for fun
.+Kute World+. by hyuugalanna
Then I thought I had found my style!!! Look, cell shading and very round eyes!

 Mukkun Collab -Takai, Hetchrome, Ineko, Shuurou by hyuugalanna  Lunachi: Halloween cake! #CM by hyuugalanna

But very fast I got sick of it... I think I should get back to this style, is very cute ^^

So I decided for cute style, but I wanted to do other kind of eyes, not round eyes anymore! There was 2 styles I loved in this phase: Kantoku and :iconnamie-kun:
I choosed try namie style, I thought "I will draw the eyes she draw when she sketchs! no pupil and stuff! is amazing! And then I will improve to my own style, then my drawings will be different from her style! I love her! *u*"
          Fly in the sweet rain by hyuugalanna+#WE WILL BE OTAKU FOREVER!#+ by hyuugalanna#Fu Shi Mi Sa Ki # by hyuugalanna# Halloween - trick or treat # by hyuugalanna#- *hehehe* -# by hyuugalanna...Kuro-Chan... by hyuugalanna

I credited her for the cute eyes in some drawings, but now I totally regret to have not mentined her in all drawings. Sorry =C
Then I begin receiving messages "you draw like :iconnamie-kun: stop copying her style! I said, wtf, isnīt copy at all...
and from this time, I have all sketchs by paper, the proof I didnīt traced any of her drawings! I will scan one by one now i have haters!!!!!!!!!

continuing;  I MADE A LIVESTREAM DOING REQUESTS. YES, FROM THE BLANK CANVAS! I did some requests and drew lots of things. I drew right in the front of my fans, so I didnīt referenced ANY POSE THIS TIME! all my drawings made LIVE


Then I began to be very addicted to kantoku, and began to try drawing like him in the computer... but different from the perfect sketchs by pencil, it still was not too similar.

Friends Forever! by hyuugalanna
but I was addicted! I wanted to have a more looking style. I thought "wow, as there is many artists who do naruto style and this is ok, I will draw kantoku style and will be ok! ^^"

well... as I see, this doesnīt happened...
But mainly because I wanted to do some drawings to put in the wall of my room. When I saw a drawing from kantoku, I imediately got inspired by the pose, and began drawing the same pose in computer. A lot of this drawings I didnīt uploaded! Were made just for me. for some reason I began uploading one or 2 of these stuff, I wanted to show because I worked very hard on the picture! Like, from 5 to 20 hours... I wanted my fans saw that drawings too, even if the pose was similar to something from kantoku. and this is the part I regret the most. Have uploaded them.

I began uploading drawings with my original poses mixed with some with referenced poses. THIS IS WHERE I DID WRONG! OH GOD, WHY DID I DO THIS. and I credited kantoku somethimes, but now I regret I didnīt linked his website and artwork in every of my drawings of this time...

       Kurokonbawa, Happy easter bunny by hyuugalanna~.~.~.Twins Destiny.~.~.~ by hyuugalanna+.+.Ouji No Warawanai Neko.+.+ by hyuugalanna#Purple madness# by hyuugalanna
This doesnīt mean I donīt tryied other styles! Sometimes my drawings looked like namie again, as you see above, was a very mixed part of my life;  I tried
##Shouta-kun## Cute and Sexy swimming by hyuugalanna

Sometimes I did the pupil very small, trying to make it diferent from kantoku artwork, in my original posed ones.
   ++Kentarou++ by hyuugalanna||+Lovely-s2-morning+|| by hyuugalanna+.+Tageki and Pachirisu+.+ #CM by hyuugalanna <--- I Like this style, maybe I try it again :3

But for me wasnīt right... I wanted to have the style similar as possible as kantoku! I did many and many sketches by pencil to learn his anatomy, and  leaned his style of painting with the original posed ones and with the referenced posed ones (THAT I REGRET SO MUCH TO HAVE UPLOADED THAT I ALREADY DELETED. All my hours of work will be gone, I know, but I want to begin a new style and change my gallery! to my fans! not kantoku artstyle anymore!)

In my head, I wasnīt doing any crime... I just wanted to improve to his style, uploading lots of original poses and referenced poses.

AS I REGRET, I DELETED THE REFERENCED POSES ONES, now it only remains in my gallery the original posed ones;
 +_Shuu_and_Usapon_+ #CM by hyuugalanna    *-+|Sakura-Alicia|+-* by hyuugalanna.+//Rikka-chuunibyou//+. by hyuugalanna *-Celica Mizushiro-* #CM by hyuugalanna
 +-+-+Muu, The Ghost+-+-+ #CM by hyuugalanna+# I want to be Yours #+ by hyuugalanna
(How did I reference? puting the drawing AT THE SIDE of mine in sai, and copying by eye each detail. Now I regret very much. ._.
This is  hability I donīt want to have anymore nowdays ;-; )

And my last 3 livestreams,
 The first  +#* Alice-Chan *#+ by hyuugalanna I drew very well because I was happy. I showed I can draw original poses to everyone who was hating me calling me tracer, and they began to defend me; Cause I was nice with everyone! Is my personality, trat everyone with respect and kindness!

The second, I drew mellon girl ^^ I liked very much this drawing haha! Her hair looks like candy;
#Thank_You_3000_Watchers# by hyuugalanna
And the last one, I read so many hater comments calling me tracer and saying I should die, that I was really sad.
I was so sad I couldnīt draw properly,  #+..Kanji Study time!..+# by hyuugalanna So, I donīt liked this drawing... The anatomy is all wrong cause I was upset, having not self trust anymore...

and my scraps have a lot of random drawings too! in a lot of styles xD I usually scrap bishie style to keep my gallery organized :3

 IM FABULOUS BRO- Sumisa Yomi #OC by hyuugalannaJean S2 Kirschtein by hyuugalannaI married Ayato From Dialovers by hyuugalanna     +.|lovey-dovey|.+ by hyuugalannaFushimi Saruhiko by hyuugalannaTaka/Mido (female) by hyuugalanna||Candy-American|| by hyuugalanna+#My_Honey_Series#* by hyuugalannaI have a kitty #Com. Sample by hyuugalanna*Hapiba Kise-kun/* by hyuugalanna   Help me to choose by hyuugalanna#//Jinguji Ren/# by hyuugalanna#//Color palette challenge//# by hyuugalanna+-+ BOYFRIEND- KWANGMIN+-+ by hyuugalanna30 days #1 - Me by hyuugalanna#Imayoshi Shoichi# by hyuugalanna*kyaa got mah jersey* by hyuugalanna+*#BeAr-KiSs#*+ by hyuugalanna||-+Rivaille+-|| by hyuugalannaThis is how it works by hyuugalanna|hAPIBA+jEjE| by hyuugalanna


 And this is  just part of my history, because I already draw about 7 years! (Iīm almost 18 now)

My gallery now is only of ORIGINAL POSES; Ok guys? All this. all this above, and more but is so old and I donīt like it xD
And from now on, original poses forever! I want to draw other styles, not kantoku anymore. There is kantoku style yet in my gallery, but original poses. Any mountage of "trace" or something is a LIE, because I donīt copied ANYTHING.

And who follows me this 3 years, or at least 2 years, know that everything I said here is true and can tell all this story; This is why I have friends who defend me from this atacks. They know my history and my gallery, They know how many hours of dedication per day I do.....

And I regret to have uploaded that ones, and I regret for the artists I tried to do the same style, I was just learning... SORRY, SORRY EVERYONE, KANTOKU, NAMPAI, YUNA, DAENARYS, LNEKO-HIME (MY FRIENDDDD <3), MASASHI KISHIMOTO, anyone I tried to learn the anatomy and eyes from;

I will not do it again, I will improve someway without doing this anymore, not even for me (to glue in the wall) because I want to draw for you guys to make you smile, not for myself;

I LOVE TO DRAW. Who made "artists confession tumblr" article , and "enciclopedia dramatica" about me full of lies and hate, and made mountage with kantoku arts overlayed in mine (we all know the way to compare images is puting one by the side of the other, not overlayed, because then you CANīT SEE PROPERLY ANY OF THE BOTH IMAGES, and the human brain makes it look the "lines" even more similar. Isnīt trace, is a unfair comparison between a referenced pose and a original one. (again, I deleted it all!)

AND I LOVE YOU GUYS! SO MUCH. SO, MUCH! SO MUCH. PLEASE DONīT ABANDON ME. I NEED YOU SPECIALLY THIS DIFFICULT TIME...I made a lot of friends here in DA, YOU ARE MY FAMILY, my real family donīt like me cuz Iīm a anime girl, so I LOVE YOU ALL AS MY FAMILY.


PLEASE IF YOU SEE SOMEONE SAYING LIES ABOUT ME, SHOW THEM THE TRUTH... They want me to confess I thing I didnīt, and I canīt lie, or I will never sleep anymore.

I hope you still look for my next drawings, I promise I will improve in my way!! Thank you VERY MUCH GAIZ! LOVE YOU! :iconnachanglompplz:

My brush configurations on sai! :3…

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